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When the sinister Fun Police arrive, Chris Moose suddenly has to leave his homeland and parents behind.  He heads on a long and dangerous journey to a foreign land, where legend tells of an underground movement who help to spread happiness around the world.

Along the way, he finds a displaced family of orangutans, the crocodiles who run the river crossing, a philosophical Conker Tree named William, Sophie the Snail and the Lightning Crow.


Finally, Chris arrives in the northlands, meeting a reindeer called Vix. She introduces him to her team who work on a secret annual mission. But not everyone is willing to accept Chris Moose - he is different and some of the other reindeer don’t like the thought that he might bring change.

After a catastrophe that threatens to put the team out of action, Chris and the reindeer must learn to put their differences aside and let their strengths combine if they are to save Christmas.

For the first time in history, a moose must help pull the famous sleigh!

As five men set off for the unknown horrors that await in the trenches of France, four women face their own unique challenges back home in uncertain times.


Will Annie cope with bringing up her young family on her own, in a city under bombardment, while fearing for her husband Tommy's safe return?


What will Pete's whirlwind wedding to Maggie mean for both their futures as she takes on new responsibilities for the War Office, while he dices with danger abroad?


Is Rebecca joining the Nursing Corps and heading to the front line, the good opportunity that Mickey hopes it will be for the two of them?


Who has the more dangerous job?  Rifleman Davy or his young wife Daisy, working tirelessly in the munitions factory.


For green recruit Herbie, suspiciously young and naive, will war be the exciting adventure that he hopes will change his so-far sheltered existence?

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Written by Jon Hare


Featuring Hit Songs of the 1980s.

Twenty-five years after careless whispers prompted paparazzi revelations that wrecked the marriage of Prince Charming to Cinderella, their daughter, Princess Eloise, is working nine to five to hold together a bankrupt Kingdom.

Haunted by re-occurring dreams about her parents' disappearance, Eloise finds she can't hurry love with non-committal boyfriend Kit, who is too shy to reveal his true feelings for his uptown girl.

The arrival of a charming stranger from the Underworld sparks a chain reaction that threatens to shatter the fragile Kingdom. As Eloise heads to a land down under, Kit finds there comes a time to make your mind up. Armed with nothing but a good heart and the power of love, he must solve the legendary Riddle and seek help from The Old Man of Aran.

Personal fears must be overcome. Ghosts of the past, laid to rest. And the spell of a well-meaning Fairy Godmother is broken with consequences for everyone, as a family secret is finally exposed.

Up against a sense of duty and obligation, as two tribes go to war, will love still save the day?

Keeping the Dream Alive


Book, Music & Lyrics

by Jon Hare

Unknown writer, Jon, is penning his first ever musical. A jukebox musical. It's going to be bigger than Rock You and better than Glee. If he can only secure the rights to the songs...


A tongue-in-cheek, semi-autobiographical musical about the highs and lows of writing a musical from scratch when all you have is a good idea and an empty contact book. But once you've started writing, you just can't stop. 


Armed only with a laptop, endless plot lines, and a few good friends to challenge and support, Jon ploughs ahead through a theatrical obstacle course to get his show to the stage.

© 2019 by Jon Hare. Artwork for Charming designed by Matthew Strange.

Photo of Jon Hare by Em Davis. All other photography by Jon Hare.