Never Again


A First World War Musical by Jon Hare

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Demo Songs.  Copyright Jon Hare 2015. 

Not to be reproduced or played in public without written permission.

Music & Lyrics by Jon Hare, except We'll See It Through (Music by W.H.Monk).

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"Never again", they said. 


It's 1914 Britain, and nine young men and women make life-changing choices for their futures in uncertain times. 

With fresh dangers both home and abroad, new opportunities and friendships are forged that will only last as long as they can stay alive. Are the trenches of France more dangerous than the munitions factories of a city under bombardment? 

As family responsibilities are pitched against patriotic duty, danger, the call to arms, and accusations of cowardice rip through once-close communities.


Who will make it home once more and what will be left when they do?

Gone - Nina Mowforth (Piano: Roy-Frode Løvland
So Simple - Emily Walker
We'll See It Through (Abide) - Jon Hare (Piano: Steve Cheal)
Never Again - Jon Hare