Jon is currently unpublished, although a full draft of his first book, Storm Surge, and his latest book, The Five Stones of Lucadon, are both available to interested literary agents and publishers. He has also completed an early draft of Storm Strike - the second book in his planned James Harris Series.

Storm Surge

​Book 1 of the James Harris Series

13-year-old sailor, James Harris, is certain all is not right at Estuary Towers – and his constant poking around is about to unleash a wave of fury that could engulf his entire family.

After the botched rescue of a young girl in a storm, teenage sailor James finds himself thrust into the high-stakes world of the billionaire Bradford family. When Security Chief Simon Trafford takes a dislike to James’ presence in the house, James becomes convinced the man is hiding something. Setting out to investigate, he draws the attention of a ruthless organisation who will let no-one stand in their path. James must beat the clock and an armed gang, if he is to see his family alive again.

Storm Strike

Book 2 of the James Harris Series

For every action, there are always consequences.


After the events of Storm Surge, James Harris finds himself once more sucked into the dangerous world surrounding the Bradford family. A killer is moving across Europe, taking out target after target as the far-reaching claws of the mysterious crime organisation behind last summer's operation stretch out again. As the Harris and Bradford families head for Christmas in Sydney, is James in the killer's sights?

The Five Stones of Lucadon

12-year-old Drake Thompson’s attempt to rescue a stray dog plunges him into the strange world of Lucadon, ruled by the cruel tyrant, Toril Erthbitter. Here, he meets with Cora North (a girl who can fly), a teenage dragon and a chinchilla. Together, they form the Four Companions foretold by an ancient prophecy and must set out on a quest to defeat a tyrant and return peace and justice to the land and all its creatures.


Book 1 of the Classroom Trilogy​

In the Classroom, children of a sun-drained world make daily life-or-death decisions for the good of the city's remaining population. With the approach of Sophie's sixteenth birthday, comes her day of Obsolution. But can she trust those setting the rules from behind the masks of the Executrix? What will her decision mean for the young unit members she will leave behind?

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