Jon Hare is an Essex-based writer and composer who also works within the production side of the UK theatre and live events industry.


He is currently researching and writing a new musical based around the history and communities of the RNLI, in preparation for their Bicentenary in 2024, working with producer Steph J Weller of PlayWell Productions.

A singer/songwriter, Jon has written several musicals, including The First Chris Moose,  World War One epic, Never Again, 80s Jukebox musical, Charming, and a semi-autobiographical show called Keeping The Dream Alive.

Jon has written three children's adventure books, with full drafts of Storm Surge and Storm Strike (from his James Harris Series) and The Five Stones of Lucadon currently in development, as well as other ideas on the way.

He also runs @AskJono and works as a freelance consultant to other writers, specialising in lyrics for non-native English speakers.

First Chris Moose logo.jpg
Never Again - A World War One Musical by Jon Hare.  Nine men and women face life-changing decisions at the outbreak of war.  Who will survive and what does survival mean?



"80’s music wears well!  ...Very imaginative and enterprising."

"What fun!  ...different and hilarious enough

to make a real success...will definitely be a show to go and see!"